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  • Current booming jobs in Big Data Read more >

    Current booming jobs in Big Data

    With the boom in the data like never before, the fields of data science and data engineering are increasingly in demand with more enterprises engaging themselves towards digital transformation. Result being increasing cloud computing professional’s placement with recruiters and hiring managers in debt of many more. With thousands of open jobs for cloud architects, data […]

  • Benefits of Commercial & Open Analytics in big data Read more >

    Benefits of Commercial & Open Analytics in big data

    Let’s just say that it’s time for us to be “out in the open with analytics” — pertaining to open source data. The new age explores the potential of combining the SAS software and its benefits with its open analytics. With this, there will be a clear exploration of how businesses can open their analytics […]

  • A New Roadmap for Business with Data Democratization Read more >

    A New Roadmap for Business with Data Democratization

    With 90 per cent of the data around the world, today has created in the last two years alone according to IBN analysis that’s pertaining to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. Numerous individuals, businesses and societies are experiencing data overload day to day making this field ever booming. With the emerging of new technologies, […]

  • Impact of Big Data on voters Read more >

    Impact of Big Data on voters

    Big data may help candidates find voters and also helps eliminate competition through gerrymandering, with everyone agreeing to it. Big data and its information with patterns produced state that computer programs analyse sophisticated voter demographics and now has revolutionized politics tremendously. Former president Barack Obama relied to the elections win on two terms. Firstly, Misinterpreting […]


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