• New Features Are Incorporated Into SAP Jam Collaboration Read more >

    New Features Are Incorporated Into SAP Jam Collaboration

    By endowing employees to involve in collaborative and dialogue work without the pointless involvement of IT teams, the SAP Jam Collaboration can help improve business efficiency. Steve Hamrick, Vice President, Product Management Collaboration Software, SAP Said, business units are demanding more from IT than ever before. Lines of business often deviate from officially endorsed solutions […]

  • Bill McDermott Addresses Government Leaders Read more >

    Bill McDermott Addresses Government Leaders

    CEOs invited to address formally meetings, as the Economic Forum of Germany’s Social Democratic Party is not very common. Recently in Berlin SAP CEO just did that. Some highlights from the about half of an hour speech are discussed here.   The five courageous founders of the SAP have actually set the bench such as […]

  • Google Doesn’t Believe To Be Open Anymore Read more >

    Google Doesn’t Believe To Be Open Anymore

    A bunch of new products is been announced by Google at its first major fall event. The new announcements include the new wireless router system, two new smartphones called Pixel and a speaker resembling the Amazon Echo called Google Home. The company is finally ready to admit that Apple was right all along. People will […]

  • Barclays Discussed Revolution & Partnership Read more >

    Barclays Discussed Revolution & Partnership

    With the new panel, arrangement announced by Barcley in June one thing that jumped out was how tiny hung on a law firm is the capability to give outstanding legal advice. Legal excellence is not been treated by the multinational finance institutions a given quite the opposite of it not being important. Attorney’s no longer […]

  • The Trend Of Annual Appraisal Has Been Ditched By SAP Read more >

    The Trend Of Annual Appraisal Has Been Ditched By SAP

    Annual performance reviews have been abandoned by SAP, a German-based company that used to grade the performance of millions of employees across the globe saying that it is often demotivating, expensive and time-consuming. Annual appraisal is falling out of style with organizations such as Gap, IBM and even General Electric, whose CEO has started and […]


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